Easy audio mixer 2.21

An application that allows users to easily import songs, record audio and setup multiple channels

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Easy audio mixer 2.21
Easy audio mixer 2.1

Easy Audio Mixer is a piece of software that helps you mix audio tracks into a single file. You can use the software to combine two or more pieces of music, add a vocal track to an existing music file, and cut and mix tracks however you like. The software is highly intuitive, and it doesn't take any advanced experience to use.

To start using the software after it has been downloaded and installed, simply open the app, and you'll be greeted by the main app window that features a time table of the audio tracks currently open. You can easily open tracks in this time table by dragging and dropping files into the frame. Once you drop files into the frame, a channel will be generated that displays a waveform of your music file.

After you've added all the raw content you want to include in your final arrangement, you can use the tools in the software to cut pieces and move them wherever you'd like in the score. You can also apply radio effects, increase the bass signal, and use the Club Sound mode to make audio even more impressive. There are also a number of flanger effects that can be used to improve your audio even further.

One of the most interesting features of this software is that you can use it remove the vocal tracks from existing songs so you can then add your own recorded vocal tracks. This is great if you want to hear how you would sound singing your favorite songs over the original instrumental track in a sort of karaoke style. While the app claims to perform this task with efficiency and precision, it often misses some of the tones in the original vocal tracks that then sound muffled when played with the new vocal track. In some instances, the Vocal Remover function does nothing but lower the volume on the entire song. If that function can be improved and streamlined, the software will certainly be a standout tool.

If you need to resize the app to make it fit in your workspace easier, the software isn't able to do that, so you'll be stuck with the default size. This gets annoying when you need to perform certain tasks across tracks inside the time table but can't simply because of the size of the frame.

There are many reasons why Easy Audio Mixer is an optimal tool for simple audio mixing. It can easily be used to blend two tracks, so you can add a basic track to an existing song to make it evolve into something entirely new. You can also add your own vocal performances to your favorite songs, either as a supplement or replacement for the original vocal track. Even with the few functional issues in the software, you'd have a hard time finding a better free option for audio mixing.


  • Unlimited Audio Tracks
  • Easy Utility


  • No Window Resizing
  • Ineffective Voice Removal Function

Easy Audio Mixer is a multi-track editor for beginners. If you are new to audio mixing and music editing, then this program is suitable for you. Import songs from your computer with the click of a button. Record your own voice and then mix it with other musicals. Edit channels and apply effects. Save your project as an audio or wave file on your computer.

Easy Audio Mixer allows you to mix two music tracks together. For instance, you can use one music file as your baseline and then add a voice onto it. This mixer allows you to copy, cut and mix audio tracks.

Launch the application after installing it on your system. Drag and drop the audio file into the timetable display. This will show the audio file as a wave display. In a similar way, load all the music files that you want to mix. Adjust the timeline to mix the different sound files together. You can also add effects, such as bass and flanger effects.

It also lets you remove voices from music tracks. That is, this feature lets you playback the music and insert your lyrics in your own voice to truly personalize your favorite tracks.

It has a plain interface and is relatively easy to use. From the main interface, you can use the music editing options. You can add a number of effects to the loaded music files. You can also adjust the volume of music files from the volume controls.


  • Easy to use program
  • Supports .wav, .mp3 and .wma formats
  • Remove vocals from audio files
  • Apply audio effects in a snap
  • Export music files to wav/wma formats


  • Window is not resizable
  • Voice removal function needs improvements

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